What are your core values? Are you living them?


Our country was founded on values – strong core value. We love a good story where the ‘good’ guy (usually who has stronger values than the other guy) wins over the ‘bad’ guy. We love a story where what is right wins. We want our kids to live with values. We all hate the guy in the movie who wants to win at any cost even if he has to compromise all of our commonly held values.

A black belt has values. A leader has values and holds them dearly. I’m convinced of it. An UpLevel leader has values.

Do you have a set of values to live your life by? What about the company you work for – do they have core values and do they live by them?

When you have to make a decision – what defines that decision? Is it a value or a feeling or personal gain? Feelings can change in a moment but values hold strong throughout time.

For me, my aspirational values are hard to live sometimes. I get caught up in the moment or the feeling or even just the busyness sometimes. Health is a value for me, one of my top ones actually, but eating pizza happens. Actually, that happened today. Living a value could be simple like deciding to eat pizza or not. It could be more complicated like you discover the cashier forgets to charge you for something. If you value integrity do you go back and pay or just leave it as is?

This is why I think having a list of values actually written down that you review often can be a huge support in making solid decisions in line with what you say you value. When I read through my values it sounds like this, ‘yes, this is what I value and, yes, I recommit to valuing this today and in the future in my decisions.’

When I come from a place of scarcity or fear I begin to make decisions that aren’t in alignment with our values. Something like, I might not have enough money to pay for that but I can download that illegally.

So before making any big decisions – stop for a moment to come from a place in your heart of gratitude and abundance.

I had a friend call me up one day and say that he was going back to everyone – artists, speakers, etc and was rebuying stuff he downloaded illegally. He was buying stuff he already had. He said it just wasn’t in line with his value of integrity anymore to have their stuff and not pay for it.

I have mad respect for this kind of person.

If you are committed to living life like a black belt leader than when faced with a tough decision ask, ‘what value or principle I hold dear is at play here?’ How does it apply?

I just finished creating the values of our tribe of martial arts instructors who dedicate their life to UpLevel Martial Arts (formerly Super Kicks Karate) and I wanted to share.

What are some of yours?

What I really want to know is – when emotions run high how do you make sure you follow them?

Our UpLevel Tribe’s Way

  1. Identity – we are martial artists forging leaders for life and living the UpLevel Way

>>We are passionate about the practice of martial arts

  1. Injoyment – we find the joy in every moment and live an epic adventure

>>We practice Presence and find joy both in each moment and in the epic adventure of life

>>we strive to thrive mind, body, and soul, finding joy in the small things while seeking out adventures

  1. Impact – we selflessly add value to others.

>>We work to make the world a better place. We are givers — we want to thrive so others can too.

>>It’s about giving to the people around us…we fill up so we have a lot to give.

  1. Improvement – we unleash and UpLevel NOT maintain

>>We are not content with stagnation: we are always seeking to UpLevel our lives.

>>We view our lives as a journey, always striving to improve. Stagnation is not an option!

  1. Income – we create financial freedom so we can focus on doing more. We get to work – we don’t have to work.

>>We create financial freedom so we can focus on what’s important to us: pouring into our mission and our tribe.

  1. Intimacy – we cultivate authentic relationships with God and others.

>>We cultivate relationships with God and others. We aren’t afraid to go deep.

>>We understand that vulnerability is essential to reap the rich reward of good relationships.

  1. Integrity – Our lives are an example of what we teach. We walk our talk.
  2. Inspire – we encourage and take a stand for each other to UpLevel.

>>We take advantage of the community at UpLevel by holding each other to the highest standard, encouraging each other to be our best.


I have a challenge for YOU. 

A couple of months ago, I issued a challenge for every member of our Super Kicks Ballantyne location to spread love by doing random acts of kindness. 
I wanted to promote a simple and practical way to spread love amidst some very disheartening events being covered by the media. 

We had a tremendous response. 

But now, more than ever, our communities need a simple message of unity, love, acceptance, and kindness. 

We are extending the challenge to YOU – go out of your way to do random acts of kindness, write it down and share with your martial arts instructor (if you dont have one – get one:)) or post on Facebook and tag Sam Wegert or SuperKicks Karate Ballantyne. 

Let’s us go forth and be a force for good in our communities. 

There was a tremendous response last time. Here are just a few of the acts of kindness that we witnessed from our tribe. 

Hell Week – Day 1


Hell Week
One month ago – I did something called Hell Week. It was designed to be a week where you reset your life and take a new look at all the things you do. I loved it. It was challenging but allowed me to keep my weekly routine. I wanted to create a version of Hell Week for martial artists that would challenge us to take our mental, spiritual, and physical training to the next level.
Even though I wanted to make martial arts a part of this, it is really for anyone who wants to hit the reset button on their life. This is for anyone who just wants to take a look at their life in a new way. I believe that leaders check in and check up. Leaders make sure they are headed in the right direction. That is what this week is all about.
Are you being forged into a leader? This was a valuable week in the forging process for me.
As we dive into hell week, there is one prerequisite:
You must read the book Hell Week: Seven Days to be your best self by Erik Bertrand Larssen. 
There are 7 rules that must be followed each day for Hell Week.
  1. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Must be in bed 10:30 p.m. early to rise 5:30 a.m.
  2. Look your absolute best at all times – this includes your martial arts uniform.
  3. Martial Arts to the extreme. You must train a min of 1 hour per day and must be more intense than you normally do it!
  4. Stick to healthy eating – only put food in your body that will give you energy.
  5. Take charge of your Digital Life.
    1. No television. No social media – unless it is NEEDED for work.
    2. Work is only about work. Home is only about home. Make the distinction this week.
  6. Step up your game. Tackle everything with purpose and dedication. See every task through! Take charge of the situation and make a decision or do something you’ve been putting off. Be positive and pleasant the entire week even though you’re going to take charge.
  7. Follow the daily theme each day! I’ll blog the theme for each day here.
Are you ready? Let’s dive into Hell Week.
Monday is about harnessing the force of habit.
Excellence is the result of habits cultivated over time.
  • Did you know that you choose the thoughts that you are thinking consistently. If not consciously, than you are just choosing them by default – also probably not the best if you want to demonstrate mental black belt excellence. What if you only focused on the thoughts that worked, the right thoughts? What if you had that power? We do have that power. We all do.
  • Right-thinking becomes a routine if you practice it.
  • No snooze button today and this week. As soon as you wake up, change the mindset from “I don’t think I slept enough” to ‘what am I most looking forward to today?’
  • Journal your habits – make a note of each habit. Pay special attention to what you do on a daily basis. Do you put hair jel in first and then deodorant or the other way around. Pay special attention to things you do routinely. Note and jot down the habits.
  • Evaluate your habits and create two piles – good and bad. Some will be neutral.
  • “The second half of a man’s life is nothing more than living out the habits he acquired in the first half of his life.” Wow, this is very powerful!
  • Emotion is the strongest impetus for change. If you have no emotion you will not change radically.
  • This week, pay attention to your emotions, ask yourself, am I living the life I always wanted? Where will I be in one year? 5 years? 10 years? If you don’t like the answer, then what habits are getting in the way of living my goals. It all comes back to some habits. If you don’t like the answer than what new habits do you need in your life? 
  • Without strong emotions to make change, you have to take the long route which is to make small adjustments that will make and lead to overall change.
  • Reflect on all of this each evening. Set aside time for this.

For the full picture of what Monday looks like, you will need to read the book Hell Week: Seven Days to be your best self. Follow the directions and let’s harness the power of habits.

To Black Belt and Beyond,

Mr. Sam Wegert


What we GET to do…

May I brag on a team member of mine? For just a second? I don’t think of myself as a ‘braggy’ person but, on this one, I couldn’t resist.

I received this review about one of our instructors here at SuperKicks and I must say that it made my heart very glad indeed and then I thought –

‘Wait, is this what we do for a living?!’

Screenshot 2016-08-30 18.38.39

This speaks to the entire team of staff that supports the school here in Ballantyne and in Virginia. We are just beginning – can’t wait!

This is a special thanks to all of those who make our organization the world class, life changing gig that it is!

To black belt and beyond!

Mr. Sam Wegert



Dealing with Fear like a Black Belt


I am completing a challenge week called Hell Week from the book named the same.
One of the many challenges during hell week is to name your fears and call them into the ‘ring’ with you. You do this by listing them. Actually writing them down and then facing them.
I wrote this in my journal today or yesterday (it all blends together during hell week). I want to share.
“Today is the day you jump into and speak your fears. Today is the day you get in the ring with your fears. When you are in the ring with them, you can actually fight them. Most fears are actually legimate concerns but thye grow and fester because we don’t deal with them or address them. Fear is just another feeling – another thing.
Tony Robbins calls emotions ‘action signals’. He suggests that we ask, ‘what is this fear signaling to me?’ What is it trying to tell me?
Should I change my perception or should I change my procedures?
So I spoke them – I wrote them down. I am not magically free of them. I think that might be too easy but just by writing them down they felt smaller and I felt more empowered to face them head on.
I even found myself doing this while I was in the shower this morning at 5am (another challenge of hell week is bed by 10 and up by 5am). I started to get that feeling you get when you get in your head and just start repeating the same problem over and over again. It sounds like this.
I could do this, but then that would happen, and then that person might not like that and then this would happen and then….
And it goes on, and on, and on and…you get it.
So I stopped and spoke the fear – I did it out loud.
I am actually afraid of ‘this person not liking a decision I believe is best for everyone involved.’
Much more manageable now. It made me feel better instantly. I realized I have no control over other people and I have to do what I believe is best.
I had lots of fears to write down
Fear of committing to this. Fear of this person taking something from me. Fear of not being who I know I can be. Fear of losing money. Fear of not making enough money. Fear this person will leave me or that staff member will quit or people not liking me or not accepting me.
Here was a good one though – I fear I will not live up to being a ‘great person’ like Steven Furtick or Tony Robbins.  (two amazing men I admire)
As soon as I wrote it, I wrote next to it. You won’t be – you will be SAM WEGERT.
A fear can be so unfounded and it can be so irrational and like the example above – just kind of silly.
One of my mentors and friends gave me this perspective today around 430am (another challenge of hell week is a 41 hour stint with no sleep).
I offer you a great analogy for how fear acts. It is sneaky. It is very sneaky. My suggestion – call it out. Don’t resist it, no, no – it won’t go away. Call it out and address it head on. You know what to say to it once you get it written on the white board. Trust me – trust you – there is a piece of you that knows exactly what to say when that fear comes spilling out to paper. Ah, at least now you know what it is.
According to the Bureau of Standards, “A dense fog covering seven city blocks, to a depth of 100 feet, is composed of something less than one glass of water.” So, if all the fog covering seven city blocks, 100 feet deep, were collected and held in a single drinking glass, it would not even fill it. And this could be compared to our worries. If we can see into the future and if we could see our problems in their true light, they wouldn’t tend to blind us to the world, to living itself, but instead could be relegated to their true size and place. And if all the things most people worry about were reduced to their true size, you could probably put them all into a drinking glass, too.
Things that never happen: 40 percent. That is, 40 percent of the things you worry about will never occur anyway.
Things over and past that can’t be changed by all the worry in the world: 30 percent.
Needless worries about our health: 12 percent.
Petty, miscellaneous worries: 10 percent.
Real, legitimate worries: 8 percent. Only 8 percent of your worries are worth concerning yourself about. Ninety-two percent are pure fog with no substance at all.
Crazy, right?
Alright, now go crush some fears like a black belt.
To black belt and beyond,
Mr. Sam Wegert

Tony Robbins of the Martial arts world. What?!?! Very humbled.

Sam Wegert Inspirational Challenge

I am humbled and honored to have my name put in the same sentence with one of my all time heros – Tony Robbins.

I was interviewed by Matt Aitchison and my episode with Millionaire Mindcast is now live. Matty A. has marked me as The Tony Robbins of the Martial Arts World!

Find out why he has given me this title here: The Tony Robbins of the Martial Arts World


This is quite the comparison but defiantly gives me something to aspire to. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Matt is touching lives across the globe through his podcast called the Millionaire Mindcast. Be sure to check it out. I listen regularly and learn so much every time I do. He will pull secrets from some of the most successful people on the planet on how to live a full life.

To black belt and beyond.

Sam Wegert

Can you beat my score? Try this Black Belt Workout

I believe part of living the Black Belt Way is to maintain a high level of health. This requires you to do something consistently to UPlevel some aspect of your body. I like challenges and here is one I would like to share with you.

Do this fitness test and let me know what your score is. If you beat me, I have a very special gift for you. Go for it!

Here is how it goes.

1 minute of burpees – your must jump off the ground for each one.

1 minute rest

1 minute of super planks – 6 step process = 1. Elbow, elbow, knee, knee, hand, hand – see the video.

1 minute rest

1 minute of sit ups – your hands must touch the floor and then your heel

1 minute rest

1 minute of push ups

1 minute rest

1 minute squats – must touch chair

Take your total score and add it to your age and that is your total score.

This video is sped up to 2x. Enjoy!


Live the Black Belt Way