Achieving the Victory of Black Belt Leadership

Please play the video below and allow me to share with you some thoughts about graduation last night and following through to reach your dreams.

Congratulations to all of the Super Kicks Graduates! I am extremely proud of the hard work, intensity, dedication, and commitment that was demonstrated by the parents and students of our academies. I want to extend a special thank you to our hard working staff and wonderful Certified Instructor Training team. Those worthy of individual mention:

Grand Master Arthur, my instructor, mentor, and hero.

Chief Instructor Mr. Tim Wegert

Ms. Abigail Wegert

Mr. Joshua Ray

Mr. Sam Webber

These are people making this all a possibility. Thank you very much.

I had several families make the trip from our newest Super Kicks in Charlottesville. I am very grateful for these students and would like give them special mention:

The Mitchell Family

The Harris Family

The Bouch Family

Thank you for having the confidence to take a step towards making your dreams a reality! I will see you at an upcoming event very soon.


2 thoughts on “Achieving the Victory of Black Belt Leadership

  1. Great point. Looking forward to the challenge. Guilty as charged.
    This blog is a great idea. Autumn and I look forward to more.

  2. Hey Sam,
    Great Video! I will be thinking about what would keep me from becoming a Black Belt.
    Alot of work ahead, but well worth it in the end. Thanks for being such a great leader!!

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