The three things you never do while helicopter skiing…even if you are a 4th degree black belt.

20160315_150452The three things you never do while helicopter skiing…even if you are a 4th degree black belt.

  1. Never ski alone
  2. Follow your guide
  3. Never – never eat 4 and a half sandwiches before going for round two

I just returned from one of the most epic bucket list items I have ever done – for three days I skied down some of the most beautiful slopes in the world after being dropped off at the top of a mountain by a helicopter in pure white powder.

It was spiritual, fun, exhilarating, and epic.

Here are three things you should never do when you go cross this off your bucket list too (um, because this obviously should be on everyone’s bucket list)

  1. Never ski alone. I wanted to venture off into the unknown and ‘stray’ a little bit. Don’t do it – it’s not safe and there are things called avalanches out there. My analogy in life is this – get a buddy, like right now, get a buddy for something you are doing together. If you want to get better or complete anything – it’s proven – you will get there faster and more consistently if you have a buddy. Want to be able to say you are a black belt? Get a buddy. Want to lose 10 pounds? Get a buddy. Want to improve your performance at work? Get a buddy.

One of the best decisions I ever made was to get an accountability partner for how I feel each and every day (you know you are in control of this, right?) We check in on how we managed guiding our emotional states that day, how we felt, and what got in the way of our being able to live freaking fantastically. Best decision ever!

  1. Follow your guide. Your guide knows this mountain. He is trained to look out for stuff that could kill you – not that you are really worried about this stuff. If you are like one of my friends that was in my group, you don’t really care about this at all and want to jump off every cornice or cliff you see. You might normally think this is me, but this time it was someone twice my age – a true adrenaline junkie. He even took a 30 foot cliff jump and we got it on film. Sick!

My point is this – you’ve got to have something guiding you in life. A mentor, a coach, a leader, someone you respect and admire, and who you know has your best interests in mind. One of the best decisions I ever made was to join a group called GoBundance. They are a tribe of wealthy, generous men who choose to live epic lives. Check it out – you should join – they literally guide you to success and living the values of: 1. Age Defying Health. 2. Bucket List Adventures (heli-skiing – checked!) 3. Real Relationships 4. Horizontal Income (that by the way is making money while you lay down – pretty cool eh) and 5. Genuine Contribution.

I have always had martial arts instructors who help lead me in the right direction. Grand Master Lawrence Arthur and Master David Clements have had enormous impact on my life and I am forever grateful. Let’s stop talking about this – go find a guide.

  1. Never, NEVER eat 4.5 sandwiches before you go out skiing for round 2. So this one I learned from personal experience. See – it’s just that when you come back from the first part of the day you are so friggin’ hungry and you really want to eat a lot, and you do, and when you do, you feel like crap as you try to keep up with your partner and guide. It’s the worst, and you feel bad.

Look – we all know what is bad for us, and we usually eat it and do it anyway. The challenge is this – stop thinking about how pleasurable the experience is when you are doing/eating it. Start thinking about the PAIN that will ensue afterwards. If that is still not enough from getting you to stop or quit something that is terrible for you, then use your guide and your partner to hold you accountable. If that is not enough, then I’d say you are lost beyond all hope.

Only kidding, of course.

Following through is the biggest key to anything. If you want to lose weight – follow through. If you want to become better at kicking, then you must follow through and practice. What I have found is that we know what to do, so stop learning more about the issue – apply some follow through like yesterday! Nike says it best ‘just do it’.

I am honored to spend time with such an amazing group of guys on this trip. I wish GoBundance all the success in the world. You guys have truly change my life forever. Seriously though – I am most inspired by the heart of this group.

And as always – I couldn’t do anything I do without my amazing group of family, friends, teams, and mentors that literally change the world each day they wake up…for real. It’s crazy and they are amazing!

To Black Belt and Beyond.

Sam Wegert

4th Degree Black Belt

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