Living with purpose

I was having a call today with my nephew and brother William and we were talking about how to live an epic life and how to be an agent of change for what matters to you.

I remembered that I decided a long time ago that my life was about living epically and helping others design the same. Living epically doesn’t mean ‘extravagant’ or ‘showy’ or even ‘over the top’. No, it simply means to live a life that you desire – a life that you choose instead of a life someone else chose for you.

Different circumstances may befall us and I absolutely believe that we are all being guided but I also believe that we have the power to choose what it means to live a fully lived life. After all – we only have one – let’s live it fully.
I am proud to be working with an amazing organization that helps people do the same by knowing the basics of living with purpose, planning for your future financially, creating a network of people to support your dreams, how to dream, and much much more.

I’m excited to be sharing with you on the topic “Living with Purpose.” Join us on May 21-22 in West Chester, Pennsylvania and learn how to Dream, Plan and Live your best life! ‪#‎1lifefullylived‬ Priority pricing ends April 30th, so sign up today!


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