What are your core values? Are you living them?


Our country was founded on values – strong core value. We love a good story where the ‘good’ guy (usually who has stronger values than the other guy) wins over the ‘bad’ guy. We love a story where what is right wins. We want our kids to live with values. We all hate the guy in the movie who wants to win at any cost even if he has to compromise all of our commonly held values.

A black belt has values. A leader has values and holds them dearly. I’m convinced of it. An UpLevel leader has values.

Do you have a set of values to live your life by? What about the company you work for – do they have core values and do they live by them?

When you have to make a decision – what defines that decision? Is it a value or a feeling or personal gain? Feelings can change in a moment but values hold strong throughout time.

For me, my aspirational values are hard to live sometimes. I get caught up in the moment or the feeling or even just the busyness sometimes. Health is a value for me, one of my top ones actually, but eating pizza happens. Actually, that happened today. Living a value could be simple like deciding to eat pizza or not. It could be more complicated like you discover the cashier forgets to charge you for something. If you value integrity do you go back and pay or just leave it as is?

This is why I think having a list of values actually written down that you review often can be a huge support in making solid decisions in line with what you say you value. When I read through my values it sounds like this, ‘yes, this is what I value and, yes, I recommit to valuing this today and in the future in my decisions.’

When I come from a place of scarcity or fear I begin to make decisions that aren’t in alignment with our values. Something like, I might not have enough money to pay for that but I can download that illegally.

So before making any big decisions – stop for a moment to come from a place in your heart of gratitude and abundance.

I had a friend call me up one day and say that he was going back to everyone – artists, speakers, etc and was rebuying stuff he downloaded illegally. He was buying stuff he already had. He said it just wasn’t in line with his value of integrity anymore to have their stuff and not pay for it.

I have mad respect for this kind of person.

If you are committed to living life like a black belt leader than when faced with a tough decision ask, ‘what value or principle I hold dear is at play here?’ How does it apply?

I just finished creating the values of our tribe of martial arts instructors who dedicate their life to UpLevel Martial Arts (formerly Super Kicks Karate) and I wanted to share.

What are some of yours?

What I really want to know is – when emotions run high how do you make sure you follow them?

Our UpLevel Tribe’s Way

  1. Identity – we are martial artists forging leaders for life and living the UpLevel Way

>>We are passionate about the practice of martial arts

  1. Injoyment – we find the joy in every moment and live an epic adventure

>>We practice Presence and find joy both in each moment and in the epic adventure of life

>>we strive to thrive mind, body, and soul, finding joy in the small things while seeking out adventures

  1. Impact – we selflessly add value to others.

>>We work to make the world a better place. We are givers — we want to thrive so others can too.

>>It’s about giving to the people around us…we fill up so we have a lot to give.

  1. Improvement – we unleash and UpLevel NOT maintain

>>We are not content with stagnation: we are always seeking to UpLevel our lives.

>>We view our lives as a journey, always striving to improve. Stagnation is not an option!

  1. Income – we create financial freedom so we can focus on doing more. We get to work – we don’t have to work.

>>We create financial freedom so we can focus on what’s important to us: pouring into our mission and our tribe.

  1. Intimacy – we cultivate authentic relationships with God and others.

>>We cultivate relationships with God and others. We aren’t afraid to go deep.

>>We understand that vulnerability is essential to reap the rich reward of good relationships.

  1. Integrity – Our lives are an example of what we teach. We walk our talk.
  2. Inspire – we encourage and take a stand for each other to UpLevel.

>>We take advantage of the community at UpLevel by holding each other to the highest standard, encouraging each other to be our best.


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