Ahhh….the secret to life.

I am inspired by a couple of things this evening and I wish to share.

My first little revelation today came from when I saw a person walking into food lion in front of my Amherst Studio today. I immediately recognized the person as someone who had their family in our program several years ago and who I had the privilege of influencing. This person was in the exact same shape she had been in when I last saw her-defiantly no improvement there! She was smoking a cigarette-no improvement there. The more I thought about it the more it sunk in-this person probably hadn’t changed one BIT! What a tragedy! How is this possible?! Why doesn’t this person change and take control of their life and make it better?! Why?! Why?!?! Why?!?! This solidified in my mind that I want to learn and know what it would take to get people to change their lives right now!

What this experience also made me realize though was that there is no “secret” to life. So much of my life is spent trying to get to a certain point where I can relax and be happy. I think, “when I just round the next corner I can relax, when I just hire the next staff member, or just get the right girl, or just get through this transition than I will be able to take a breath and be happy, or if I was just in Colorado where everything is all pretty, or if I just had more free time or if I just had more money, more time etc”….the list goes on and on and on. This is a LIE! Complete and utter lies!

Maybe the “secret” to life is to realize that we are living it RIGHT the freak now! It is not in some magical place in the future. No, no, no-maybe I’ve had it all wrong. Life is about being present in the moment! Life is about taking a breath right now and soaking up all of the amazing things that are around me RIGHT NOW! There is no tomorrow! There is no yesterday! Use the future and past to have a more powerful experience in the NOW but don’t live in those places. Live right now, right here and for crying out loud – live it to the fullest! Give! Love! BE! Have fun! Smile! Daydream! Touch someone’s life! Be yourself! Own who you are right now-a person with amazing qualities and a beautiful work in progress! Own it!

This was really huge for me! Maybe the secret to life is this: there is no secret! Life is right now right here and it is slipping away one moment at a time. The words of someone famous who I can’t remember right now come to mind—ahh…Michael Landon: here it is.

Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.

Michael Landon

So the call to action is this! Snap out of your funk and begin to look into what is around us happening right now and ask some questions that will change your life.

What opportunities are in front of me right now?

What am I grateful for now?

What am I excited about right now?

What in this moment is beautiful if I really looked or even cared?

What do I have right now in this moment that I could share with someone? What would that be? Who would I share it with?

Goals from Ecuador!

Aren’t the mountains beautiful?!

Learn about setting SMART goals. Have you written goals down? Do you have any dreams with deadlines? Where do you want to travel to? What do you want to become, do, or feel? Achieve what you want by setting and working towards the goals for your life.

Set Goals and Fail!

Has someone ever told you that that you could never achieve your dreams? Have you ever had your ideas shot down by a boss? A co-worker? A parent? A sibling? If not, maybe your goals aren’t big enough. As seen from the video (if you haven’t watched it, please do so now. This is a “must see” video!), many people who achieved huge successes were at one time ridiculed and put down for their aspirations. This is just a part of life.


So what is needed for a person to take a goal and actually accomplish it? What does it take to achieve something regardless of what people think?


Desire is the first element needed to achieve any worthwhile goal. Sometimes, other people can help us take our desire and turn it in to a specific goal, which then increases the desire even further.  For me, it was Grand Master Arthur who helped me define what I was good at and then inspired me to run my own school. For someone who was unsure of his future, this inspiration was what was needed to put a fire under my feet.


The second thing needed to achieve any worthwhile goal is commitment. Commitment is the main ingredient for a successful life. Vince Lombardi said, “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment.” Successful organizations and individuals are always backed by a strong sense of commitment. Without a strong sense of commitment, our goals easily deteriorate into mere wishes.


Someone may have both a desire and a commitment to achieve a high level of fitness and muscle tone, for example. However, without the proper knowledge of how to start a physical fitness program we might very likely injure ourselves. So knowledge is the third important element for achieving your goals. You must know what steps to take in order to reach your goal. Don’t let lack of knowledge stop you from pursuing a worthwhile goal. If you need education, get it! If you need help, ask for it! Do whatever it takes to get the information necessary to achieve your goal.


When we combine and apply desire, commitment, and knowledge we have what we need achieve our goals in life. Once we set our goals, we must then follow up by developing a strong desire, a strong sense of commitment, and the knowledge of how to achieve the goal—these three things are the link between setting a goal and achieving a goal.


Now it is your turn. Take the next action step in your martial arts training. This might be as simple as registering for your next belt, setting your goal to become a black belt leader, or talking with your instructor about the benefits of joining the Certified Instructor Training program. Take the next step and follow your desire with commitment and knowledge today!


Become a Black Belt in Giving

Become a Black Belt in Giving

Have you ever stopped to consider what other people are doing over the holidays? The upcoming holiday season for us probably means eating until we pop, hanging out with friends and family, time off, and many other pleasurable activities. How often do we think about people with much less than we have? And then how often do we do anything about it? Take a look at some of these statistics to help put things in perspective:


  • Almost half of the world—3 billion people—live on less than $2.50 a day.
  • 11.7 million children live in households where people have to skip meals or eat less to make ends meet and this is just in the United States!
  • Every year, 15 million children will die of hunger, malnutrition, or related diseases.

Yes, these are real. And we complain when we can’t get our happy meal in two minutes or when our tuna fish sandwich “just doesn’t taste right.” Let’s take a look at the bigger picture and see what we can do to help. Obviously, no one person or group can solve the world’s problems, but we can make a difference right where we are, during this Holiday Season.

Super Kicks Amherst and Super Kicks Wyndhurst are hosting food and coat drives through the beginning of December and we need your help! Please donate old clothing and canned food so that we can help people in our own community who are struggling. Be a leader and show other Super Kicks students that you are thinking about more than yourself this holiday season. A black belt signifies a high skill level, earn yours in giving!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill