Thank you

I often ask my students to tell me what they think about our classes and teaching at Super Kicks. I get many responses. Few of these responses come in the form of a written letter. I want to share with you a letter received just today that touched my heart.


Dear Mr. Sam Wegert,

Before I met you, I knew there was something missing in my life. I was at the crossroad and I didn’t know which way I was going.
You introduced me to Martial Arts. At first I was going to take the free lesson and then stop. You made me feel that I could do this and then it became something I couldn’t wait to do again. At the same time I had just been diagnosed with diabetes. I didn’t want anyone to know. I didn’t want to be defined by diabetes! So I decided that I was going to fight this disease. I came to every class knowing that I was one step closer to beating this disease. My blood sugar readings were dropping to almost normal ranges. I recently took the AC1 test. The first time I was at fourteen and now I am at 7.5. The diabetic nurse told me that I wouldn’t get below 10.  As you have told us in class to set goals and then step it up a notch! Thanks for first believing in me. You’re the first person who realized my true potential and was able to help me achieve my goals.

Thank you for letting me become part of your karate family.  I now feel like I do belong and can’t wait to make you proud. I guess to sum this up I am a happy girl and I want the world to know! I know it is showing because everyone has noticed the change in me. Thanks for your support and God Bless our Karate Family!

Caryl Higginbotham

(yellow belt at Super Kicks Karate in Charlottesville, VA)


People touch our lives all the time and we never thank them. Take a moment today to thank those who have influenced your life for the better. Who knows, this may include sharing your thoughts with your martial arts instructor.

I also invite you to start working towards becoming a martial arts instructor. I can teach you if you just give me the opportunity. Help touch more lives through the benefits of martial arts training while creating an amazing career for yourself.

Make today great!