Can you beat my score? Try this Black Belt Workout

I believe part of living the Black Belt Way is to maintain a high level of health. This requires you to do something consistently to UPlevel some aspect of your body. I like challenges and here is one I would like to share with you.

Do this fitness test and let me know what your score is. If you beat me, I have a very special gift for you. Go for it!

Here is how it goes.

1 minute of burpees – your must jump off the ground for each one.

1 minute rest

1 minute of super planks – 6 step process = 1. Elbow, elbow, knee, knee, hand, hand – see the video.

1 minute rest

1 minute of sit ups – your hands must touch the floor and then your heel

1 minute rest

1 minute of push ups

1 minute rest

1 minute squats – must touch chair

Take your total score and add it to your age and that is your total score.

This video is sped up to 2x. Enjoy!


Live the Black Belt Way



US Marine Shares his story and struggles

22 veterans commit suicide everyday!
I was in a Super Kicks Karate staff class the other day and someone asked me if I had been tagged in the 22 pushup challenge yet. I hadn’t been tagged but I began to think about how I could help bring awareness to the fact that 22 veterans commit suicide every day.
In my mind, 22 is just too many – one would be too many.
I wanted to find out how we could help so I interviewed Sergeant Dolly of the United States Marines who is a two time purple heart recipient.
The purple heart award is given in the name of the President of the United States and is awarded for anyone wounded or killed in battle.
Sergeant Dolley has an incredible story. He has found over a dozen land mines (including stepping on one himself) during his time overseas. He has also personally dealt with the struggles of having four friends who were veterans commit suicide.
Matthew Vinny Dolley credits the organization Charlotte Bridge Home for helping him get settled back into civilian life. You can see the work they do and get involved at
Everytime you share this video Super Kicks Karate Ballantyne will donate $5 per share up to $1000 to Charlotte Bridge Home.
Share this and let’s get the word out on how we can all help veterans who are struggling.
To black belt and beyond!
Sam Wegert
Living the Black Belt Way




3 things I learned from my martial arts instructor…and what you should look for in one.

Me at 1st Degree Black Belt Test! IMG_7819

I am going to assume that you are looking for a martial arts instructor. Should you be? Well, only you really know the answer to that question but I would highly recommend it and perhaps after this article you will be more inclined to invest in one. Having an instructor like I had growing up can change your life and for me it changed not only my life but thousands of others.  I’m only 25 so that number is going to grow. That is unless I get mugged in a dark alley sometime soon – again not likely to happen seeing that I DID have a martial arts instructor.

My instructor, Master David Clements, is a 5th degree black belt in American Freestyle Karate and is ranked in a million other styles (always good to exaggerate a little when talking about someone who changed your whole life). He was truly a godsend to me in so many ways; in many ways he probably doesn’t realize. This article is meant to help him realize that and also hopefully help you realize a little bit what you should look for in the people you allow to influence you or your kids.

Master Clements, as we called him, made a business decision to open a beautiful 6000 square foot studio in a town of 2000 people. It was a very optimistic decision.  To give you perspective, I now own a martial arts school that is 2500 square feet in a town of 2.5 million and growing. But I truly believe he was there to give me a future, and that God had a divine appointment for me when I walked in his door and my mom made me enroll even though I was scared out of my mind and literally cried my first class (give me some grace though – I was only 10).

My instructor taught me many things and I would like to share three of them with you right now.

  1. Do the right thing….always!                                        
  2. Family is important
  3. Relax.


Do the right thing.

This one sounds so simple but the truth is, it isn’t. It just isn’t. Our brain gets in our way and wants to rationalize this, and give you leeway in that. Look – it’s simple – there is a right, and there is a wrong. Stop ‘thinking about it’ and make the call that would be in line with character. Now, I’m not so blind to realize there aren’t some decisions that are more complicated than that, but most of the time we make it more complicated than it is worth.

Master Clements taught me this over and over again! It was drilled into who I was as his student.

One time he had a student who enrolled and then came back in that very day and asked for their money back. They knew there was a no refund policy but the right thing was to just go ahead and give them their money back. He did it even though he had the ‘legal’ backing to not go through with it.

He was always firm on doing the right thing by each person and for him that meant asking ‘what would be best for the other person?’ and not only himself.


Family is important

I had the opportunity to attend the funeral for my instructor’s mom. She was an amazing woman and the caretaker of the karate school I grew up in. She was the one responsible for calling me the day I played hookie from karate and scolded me gently and asked me when my next class was. I didn’t skip class again.

My instructor, Master Clements, had a thing about spending time with and committing to family. It isn’t something you see a lot of these days (how many of us even have family meals together anymore, I mean really?)

One of my friends has a tattoo that says ‘love is spelled t-i-m-e’. Master Clements knew this and was always there to make his family the most important. He didn’t mind driving either. If there was an event or a family member (and a lot of times his students became like adopted family to him) that was in need he was there. This taught me a lot about the importance of relationships in your life.

I’ve learned that relationships really matter – more than adventure, more than money. Think about it – the last time you had an epic adventure by yourself – the story afterwards was just never as cool or exciting as you would have hoped. And let’s be really real – making money is amazing but no one in their heart wants to be the richest man in the world and completely alone. Relationships are important. Um, really important. Invest in them.

Another mentor always told me – ‘Sam, anything you want is just a relationship away.’ I’ve found that to be pretty true in my life.

Mr. Clements taught me this and modeled it so well with his family. He was always there for his mom and even committed to support her later in life. He paid a monthly sum to support her until she passed on. In a day and age where most people are trying to ‘get rid’ of their parents this spoke a new language and gave me a new foundation on how to look at family.



Ok, for those of you who know me, this is definitely not the one I model the best. There are so many people who can relax better than I can. If I’m not sleeping (for the 5 hours average I seem to get each night) than I am busy – busy with something or someone. I like this but there is just that time when you need to tell your somewhat overbusy and perhaps slightly annoying self to slow down and relax.

Master Clements modeled this. He would kick back – throw his shoes up on the desk and actually have a real conversation with you. You know, one of those conversations that last longer than 2 minutes and ends with ‘I’ve got to go but good to talk with you’. (wow, I think I’m convicting myself here) For a 10 year old boy trying to find his way in the world and trying to be different this was the most important thing anyone could have done for me.

Studies show that children who simply have someone in their life they can talk to, who actually, truly cares, are much more likely to stay out of trouble and create a meaningful life. Translation – you can help create meaning in the world simply by caring and talking to someone. Yes – YOU. Even if you don’t know or have all the answers, or even if it’s been a very long time since you have been a teenager.

Share and care. Perhaps that is the message of this post. The real message is a heartfelt ‘thank you’ and ‘happy birthday’ to one of the people who inspired me to UpLevel my life in so many ways.

I am forever grateful.

Thank you sir.

Your student,

Sam Wegert

4th Degree Black Belt



The three things you never do while helicopter skiing…even if you are a 4th degree black belt.

20160315_150452The three things you never do while helicopter skiing…even if you are a 4th degree black belt.

  1. Never ski alone
  2. Follow your guide
  3. Never – never eat 4 and a half sandwiches before going for round two

I just returned from one of the most epic bucket list items I have ever done – for three days I skied down some of the most beautiful slopes in the world after being dropped off at the top of a mountain by a helicopter in pure white powder.

It was spiritual, fun, exhilarating, and epic.

Here are three things you should never do when you go cross this off your bucket list too (um, because this obviously should be on everyone’s bucket list)

  1. Never ski alone. I wanted to venture off into the unknown and ‘stray’ a little bit. Don’t do it – it’s not safe and there are things called avalanches out there. My analogy in life is this – get a buddy, like right now, get a buddy for something you are doing together. If you want to get better or complete anything – it’s proven – you will get there faster and more consistently if you have a buddy. Want to be able to say you are a black belt? Get a buddy. Want to lose 10 pounds? Get a buddy. Want to improve your performance at work? Get a buddy.

One of the best decisions I ever made was to get an accountability partner for how I feel each and every day (you know you are in control of this, right?) We check in on how we managed guiding our emotional states that day, how we felt, and what got in the way of our being able to live freaking fantastically. Best decision ever!

  1. Follow your guide. Your guide knows this mountain. He is trained to look out for stuff that could kill you – not that you are really worried about this stuff. If you are like one of my friends that was in my group, you don’t really care about this at all and want to jump off every cornice or cliff you see. You might normally think this is me, but this time it was someone twice my age – a true adrenaline junkie. He even took a 30 foot cliff jump and we got it on film. Sick!

My point is this – you’ve got to have something guiding you in life. A mentor, a coach, a leader, someone you respect and admire, and who you know has your best interests in mind. One of the best decisions I ever made was to join a group called GoBundance. They are a tribe of wealthy, generous men who choose to live epic lives. Check it out – you should join – they literally guide you to success and living the values of: 1. Age Defying Health. 2. Bucket List Adventures (heli-skiing – checked!) 3. Real Relationships 4. Horizontal Income (that by the way is making money while you lay down – pretty cool eh) and 5. Genuine Contribution.

I have always had martial arts instructors who help lead me in the right direction. Grand Master Lawrence Arthur and Master David Clements have had enormous impact on my life and I am forever grateful. Let’s stop talking about this – go find a guide.

  1. Never, NEVER eat 4.5 sandwiches before you go out skiing for round 2. So this one I learned from personal experience. See – it’s just that when you come back from the first part of the day you are so friggin’ hungry and you really want to eat a lot, and you do, and when you do, you feel like crap as you try to keep up with your partner and guide. It’s the worst, and you feel bad.

Look – we all know what is bad for us, and we usually eat it and do it anyway. The challenge is this – stop thinking about how pleasurable the experience is when you are doing/eating it. Start thinking about the PAIN that will ensue afterwards. If that is still not enough from getting you to stop or quit something that is terrible for you, then use your guide and your partner to hold you accountable. If that is not enough, then I’d say you are lost beyond all hope.

Only kidding, of course.

Following through is the biggest key to anything. If you want to lose weight – follow through. If you want to become better at kicking, then you must follow through and practice. What I have found is that we know what to do, so stop learning more about the issue – apply some follow through like yesterday! Nike says it best ‘just do it’.

I am honored to spend time with such an amazing group of guys on this trip. I wish GoBundance all the success in the world. You guys have truly change my life forever. Seriously though – I am most inspired by the heart of this group.

And as always – I couldn’t do anything I do without my amazing group of family, friends, teams, and mentors that literally change the world each day they wake up…for real. It’s crazy and they are amazing!

To Black Belt and Beyond.

Sam Wegert

4th Degree Black Belt

You are WAY too comfortable!!

I just watched a short clip from Brendon Burchard on the three different types of life that people live and I decided I am way too comfortable and you might be too. I’ve never really clicked with this guy. I guess I saw him as a Tony Robbins wannabe but this guy is really making a difference. How do I know? A tear came to my eye as I thought about breaking out of the cages in my life and helping others do the same.

On one end of the spectrum is the caged life. This a life caged by the past, the expectations of others, and anything else that keeps you in a cage. Like an animal that is thrown into a zoo, at first, the animal becomes resistant and tries to get out but eventually the animal resigns to its confinement and these people start saying things like, ‘those lucky, successful people, no one understands me’.

Then there is the comfortable life. This happens after something new comes into your life and you decide you are going to step up and break out of the cage-so you do! You break out and you have most of what you want and maybe a little bit more. You know, the kids, the two car garage, the white picket fence, and a few dinner parties. When this happens you feel quite comfortable where you are at right now. When people ask you how you are doing, you respond with ‘fine’ but it really isn’t fine. You know there is something more out there yet you have succumbed to the comfortable life.

There is another option and it is called the charged life! It is the life that is full of energy and passion and where you really come alive. Someone once said, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs is people like you who have become alive!” Are you living an alive life?

The charged life comes when you live your edge. The charged life comes when you are pursuing greater things and living right at the edge of your comfort zone. Overwhelm happens when you go outside of your comfort zone too much. That is not what he is talking about. Like when I take a yellow belt and put them in with a black belt class. This student wants to quit. The charged life is when you are accepting and meeting challenge head on.

Our problem is that we think we aren’t supposed to have problems but problems are a sign of life. They are a sign that we are alive and well and living in the realm of the human. When you have NO problems then you will be dead.

I asked my barber the other day why people have so much drama in relationships and her answer was the best, ‘humans will always have drama.’ I agree. It is a part of life. Get used to it.

Take on a challenge. Challenge yourself today. Say yes to stepping outside of your comfort zone and push yourself to take on or do something that is not within your daily routine.

Here is to living a charged life!

To black belt and beyond!