Ditch the story…

I am stuck in Minnesota right now on my way to Colorado Springs, so I’m grateful that this has given me the opportunity to send this note to you.

If you watched my previous video, you will remember that the only thing keeping us from having what we want is our story about why we can’t have it.

We all have a story. Sometimes our story serves us, but sometimes it does not.  What about your story?  Does it empower you, or does your story paralize you from taking action?

Nick Vujicic (in the video below) could have believed any number of disempowering stories. Instead he chose to rise above the challenges of his life and created a philosophy (story) that is so empowering that it drives him to do things most would think impossible.

Nick plays golf, swims, and fishes with no limbs!

What is your “reason” for not working out again? Why can’t you have that house, car, relationship, body, or feeling? What is your story?

I sincerely hope that when you watch this video you will see a glimpse of yourself and taste the power within you that has been surpressed maybe for many years.

There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality. My life’s quest has been to awaken this force and help each of us to remember and use the unlimited power that resides within us all.

— Anthony Robbins

“I can’t run because…..”

“I could never do that because…”

“I can’t lose wait because…”

“I can’t start because I’m waiting for….”

“I had to stop ___________ because…”

“I can’t change my diet yet because…”

“I can never love him/her again because…”

What usually follows is a disempowering story. Is the story true and is it serving you?

I want to hear from you. Comment with thoughts, comments, or questions.

To a life full of passion and happiness! Make it a great week!