Progress produces Pride

Martial Arts is about taking your life to the next level no matter what area it is.

In martial arts, we learn constant and never ending improvement by constantly moving up from one belt to the next. Most people think that when you get your black belt the learning stops but actually earning your black belt is just the beginning and the traditional word for black belt actually means ‘first step’ or ‘beginner step’.

Today I got to witness hundreds of students earn their next color belt and I was honored to see several students test to black belt. They were truly amazing but also just taking another step in their martial arts journey.

It is my belief that in life we are all happier when we are progressing forward. It is not so much accomplishing the goal that makes us happy. It is in the journey and the climb and the progress and the getting better that happiness can be.

I remember, I’ve had a goal to buy a really fast sports car for some time now. That goal drove me to work hard and earn money. After purchasing my Corvette Stingray with 550 horsepower I was thrilled…for a few weeks and even now I still smile when I take off from a stoplight. Here’s the truth though, I’m already thinking about what is next and what my next car is or how I can give someone a car.

Moving forward produces pride. It makes you happy.